Purchasing or Selling a Home can be one of the most stressful events in one’s life.  That is why it is important to surround yourself with a professional who can help mediate as much tumult as possible.  Lynda Rountree’s 20 plus year background in the health profession gives her an edge on soothing and comforting her clients.  As a Massage Therapist, Lynda spent years creating the right space and developed the skills of being an avenue of peace, calm in the storm for her clients in need of stress reduction.  Just being around Lynda is calming and supportive.  Mix in her years prior to Massage, being a Broadway Stage Manager she has the skills of juggling many things at one time, being a leader, organizing and prioritizing and advocating for individuals.  Advocating, by speaking for and representing another, is something she has a natural ability at and will hammer away, go to bat and negotiate on your behalf 100%!

Here are some tips to help you feel relaxed, safe and centered as you either pursue purchasing a home or get prepared to sell your home.

1.  Think positively that the right home will come your way or that your house will sell at the price and speed you need.

2.  Try to have fun with the process.  Remind yourself that this is new and exciting chapter in your lives.

3.  Sounds cliche but breathe.  Use of essential oils like Lavender, Frankincense or Orange can assist you.

4.  Take one step at a time, or one day at a time, do the best you can do every day. 

5.  Ask as many questions as needed to help you feel more informed.  Lynda will respond back quickly with any answer.  No question is a waste of time.

6.  Envision your new life!

7.  Lol.  Go get a Massage!

All in all, Home Buying and Selling marks a new beginning.  How exciting.  Embrace it and enjoy the process.